Professor Gary Evans

Chief Science Advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Professor Gary Evans is employed by the Victoria University of Wellington ( and spends 80% of his time seconded to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment as their Chief Science Advisor and as head of the Science Leadership Team. Gary completed his undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Otago in 1991 specialising in Organic Synthesis. He then moved to the University of Oxford to carry out post-doctoral studies on the development of novel chiral auxiliaries. In 1993 he was one of the founding scientists of the University of Oxford spinout Oxford Asymmetry. He returned to NZ in 1994 as an inaugural NZ Science and Technology postdoctoral fellow hosted by Carbohydrate chemistry team led by Professor Furneaux. In 1997 Gary began his collaboration with Peter Tyler, Richard Furneaux and Vern Schramm which led to the invention of the nucleoside analogues Mundesine, Ulodesine, and Galidesivir all of which have entered into human clinical trials and Mundesine has been approved for use in Japan. Gary has published 85 peer reviewed publications, is an inventor on 12 granted US patents, and has an H index of 37.

Professor Evans will be taking part of the Chief Scientist Panel at the Conference on Thursday 19th September.